From books and authors to characters and genres, here are the ones authors and readers feel passionate about–good or bad!

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From books and authors to characters and genres, here are the ones authors and readers feel passionate about–good or bad!

Rants/Raves | April 8th, 2014

Online Dating Inspired ‘Click: An Online Love Story’ and ‘Double Click’ by Lisa Becker

Click cover photo 

I first met my husband while wearing my pajamas.  Really!  No, we weren’t at some kinky singles party.  I was sitting comfortably in my apartment and he was hanging out in his.  But, I will never forget his email introduction via an online dating service, which invited me to check out his profile.  It was sweet, endearing and intriguing enough for me to log on to learn more about him.  After a week of emails, followed by a week of phone calls, we met for our first date – a traditional dinner and movie outing.  Even before I opened the door to greet him, I knew he was “the one.”  Considering he lived 30 miles away, I’m not certain our paths would have typically crossed.  But after nearly 13 years together – including 10 years of marriage (which in Los Angeles is apparently no small feat!) and two beautiful daughters, I have no doubt he is my soul mate.

Rants/Raves | March 20th, 2014 | 4 responses

Great Music to Read to by Carlene Moore

Carlene Moore
Sometimes when I read, I hole up in a quiet nook, the only sound being the turning of the pages. But sometimes, it’s not that easy. When I’m on a bike in a loud gym, or sitting in a public park where kids scream past, or on a beach with frat boys throwing footballs and making crude jokes next to me, I can hardly hear myself read, let alone the sound of the pages turning. When I find myself in that type of situation, I like to tune into my music, in order to tune out the world. Here are 20 of my favorite tune out songs. They’re mostly slow, often no more than whispered, and they will enhance your reading experience instead of detract from it. Put together this playlist to drown out the drum of everyday life without missing a beat in your book. 

Rants/Raves | March 13th, 2014 | 2 responses

Why Writing From Home Won’t Work by Julie Mayerson Brown

Julie Mayerson Brown

You would think that working from home is a writer’s dream. Going into the “office” any time of day, wearing pajamas or sweats (or whatever), sipping coffee or tea (or whatever), locating your workspace anywhere you want, ideally in front of a picture window that looks out over a forest thick with trees and birds and romping deer, as the sun rises (or sets) and one’s imagination runs free and stories spring forth and flow like a river of melting snow . . .

Yeah, right . . .

Rants/Raves | March 11th, 2014 | 5 responses

Why, in the 21st century, I still Love the Library by Carlene Moore

Carlene Moore
I walked into the library the other day, breathed in the smell of possibility and went to the shelf to pick up my newest hardcover adventure – for free! I left with a smile on my face and pep in my step. So later that day, when a friend spotted the library tag on my keys and laughed, I launched into a passionate explanation of why I love using the library for my reading needs, despite modern day technology.

Rants/Raves | March 4th, 2014 | 2 responses

Fanfiction: You Know You Love It by Julia Milton

Julia Milton

I used to be embarrassed by the time I spent on fanfiction.net. I thought it was somehow shameful, a guilty pleasure to be indulged in secret, like picking your nose. After all, everyone knows that fan fiction writers are all teenaged losers with deficient love lives and too much spittle in their mouths. Right?

Rants/Raves | March 3rd, 2014 | 3 responses

Listening to Books by Lisa Martorelli Mancuso

Lisa Mancuso

I spent many years commuting into the city on a train. The trip was over an hour but I didn’t really mind because it was uninterrupted time I got to spend with a book. I probably read a novel a week. It was great and I appreciated it even more when I was a new mom and still commuting. That’s when I really savored that time to myself.