Get some inspiration for your next read from the authors and readers who gave us a glimpse of what’s waiting on their nightstands.

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Get some inspiration for your next read from the authors and readers who gave us a glimpse of what’s waiting on their nightstands.

Nightstand | March 5th, 2015

Let’s Break Up With Some Literary Characters by Nina Gaby


Most of us writers are voracious readers. And man, do we love our characters and our authors. From day one, right? From the moment when the word “LOOK” (for those of us who began our reading careers with Dick, Jane and Sally) first clicked in our brains and we lit up like little Christmas trees, to last night when we cuddled in bed with our newest favorite crush. (For me it’s Miranda July and last week it was Atul Gawande.) So what happens when we have to lower the boom? Breaking up is hard to do.

Nightstand | March 2nd, 2015

New Releases 3.3.15

What book are you diving into right now? Need a new read? Here are our picks for the week!


The Collector by Nora Roberts

Lila Emerson lives life on her own terms. As a house-sitter and writer she is never tied down by material possessions and can live and work anywhere.

Nightstand | March 1st, 2015

Women Doing It All: Science to Literature by Pendred Noyce


In researching two books about remarkable and colorful women of science, I have run across a number who moved smoothly between science and writing. For these women, especially those who grew up in the early years of science, there were no artificial lines dividing one kind of creativity and learning from another.

Louise Bourgeois Boursier was a self-taught midwife of the sixteenth century who gained the confidence of the court and delivered the queen’s children, including the future Louis XIII.  After assisting at two thousand births, she decided to share her hard-earned wisdom in a book, claiming proudly to be “the first woman practicing my art to pick up the pen.” Her book is hard to find, but you can get a good sense of her feisty style in this article, especially on page 155, where she defends herself against doctors who accused her of malpractice leading to the death of a princess.

Nightstand | January 12th, 2015

Claire Fogel’s Nightstand


Claire (Callan) Fogel is the author of Blackthorne Forest, the first book in The Blackthorne series.  She shares the reads she is curling up with when she isn’t writing.

Nightstand | December 15th, 2014

Ann Lewis Hamilton’s Nightstand


I saw a photo of a bed once – a platform bed with bookshelves lined all around the bottom. Who cares if the bed is uncomfortable? The ability to lean over and grab a book, any book, without having to get out of bed? Nirvana.

The table beside my bed isn’t very big. There’s enough room for a lamp and only a book or two – any more and our spiteful cats would knock them over. Right now there’s a Daily Guideposts Devotional 2014 – something my mother would send me every Christmas and after she passed away, I started getting it myself, because it was a lovely way to remember her. Below that is Colleen McCullough’s Caesar, from her Masters of Rome series. I’m a sucker for a book series and after I read The First Man in Rome, I had to zip through the rest. Caesar was my favorite and it’s still by my bed. Tempting me to read the entire series again.