Whether it’s a favorite reading spot, a literary themed adventure, an author event or anything in between, these photos remind us why we love reading.

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Whether it’s a favorite reading spot, a literary themed adventure, an author event or anything in between, these photos remind us why we love reading.

Snapped | May 7th, 2015

Where and How I Write: Craig Faustus Buck’s Laid-Back Style

CB at desk 2015

I write in a recliner with a trackball on my chest. I’ve done so ever since my first detachable keyboard around 1980. I had a desk built to fit this reclining style a few years before my daughter was born in 1986. As you can see, the recliner worked out well when she was an infant.

Snapped | May 5th, 2015 | 2 responses

A Room of One’s Own by Kristy Woodson Harvey

Harvey Port 02A room of one’s own. That’s what every writer needs, isn’t it? I thought it was. In some ways I still do. There’s nothing I love more than sneaking off into one of my “writing spots” and luxuriating over a few thousand words. But the reality is that, quite often, writing in a designated spot is more of a dream than a reality. Most days, I write at Starbuck’s after I drop my son off at his preschool, which is thirty minutes from our house. And I never leave home without my laptop in case an impromptu nap affords me a few minutes. And, of course, there are those snippets of writing on the couch during Sesame Street. (Which is unutterably brilliant, by the way. If you haven’t watched Sesame Street in a while, you really should!)

Snapped | April 28th, 2015 | 2 responses

The Portal to my Alternate Reality by Susan M. Boyer

Susan Boyer

I’m fortunate that we have a spare bedroom in our house—at least on the floorplan it was a bedroom. As a practical matter, it’s been my office since we bought the house. It’s small, but I don’t need much space because I don’t spend much time there at all.

Snapped | April 12th, 2015

Where Colby Marshall Writes

Colby Marshall

As a writer, it’s important to carve out your own special space where you can be alone with your characters, concentrate on them, and figure out where they need to go. Since I write thrillers filled with action, twists, and occasional insanity, it only makes sense that I write in the middle of my living room.

Snapped | March 29th, 2015

How To Decorate With Your Very Attractive Books by Bethany Chase


As a professional consumer of interior design journalism, I have seen a heck of a lot of do’s and don’ts regarding how to decorate with books. These tidbits range from the workable (“Arrange large, fancy coffee table books in attractive horizontal stacks!”) to the questionable (“Organize the books on your shelf by the color of the spine!”) to the kind that make me white-hot with rage (“Turn all your books spine-in so their colorful covers don’t mar the sterility–no sorry I meant serenity–of your space!”).

Snapped | February 26th, 2015

Snapped: The Best Place to Read & Relax? The Tub!


There is no wrong place to read a book! Dora Levy Mossanen is a woman after our own heart. Find out how the bathtub became her reading spot of choice for her latest novel, Scent of Butterflies.

A bathtub might not be an exotic location to read a book, but when you are dressed up to the nines and on your way to a black tie gala and you walk into the bathtub with makeup on and in your high heels and ball grown, then it can become semi-exotic.