New Releases 6.3.14

Hot romance is what we’re craving this week…especially these new books hitting the shelves today!

A paranormal romance provides the perfect escapist reading. Vasic is an assassin with a conscience. But despite all he’s done, he wants to help save his people from certain death—even if it means taking on his most difficult mission yet. Ivy Jane knows she should run from Vasic but as she fights for her people, she realizes there is more to this dangerous man—and he, too, might just be worth fighting for.

Combine the Scottish seaside with a little romance and find a charming love story. When Caitriona’s husband is found dead in bed with his mistress, she decides to mend her broken heart back in the small Scottish town she left when she was a child. Love is the last thing she expects to find—especially with a sexy movie star! When she meets Graham Buchanan, hiding out in his hometown in between movies, she pushes aside all thoughts of romance and thinks this could be the perfect way to restart her journalism career. But as much as Graham finds himself attracted to Cait, he knows better than to trust a journalist. Will Cait give up the scoop of a lifetime to have another shot at real love?

Complications ensue in this heist thriller about a jewelry thief and her FBI boyfriend. Even though it’s been years since Cat Montgomery stole a precious diamond from businessman Albert Faulkner, he’s somehow discovered she was the culprit and is out for revenge. He presents her with an impossible task—steal the cursed Hope Diamond or he will kill everyone she cares about. The mission brings her to Paris, where her FBI boyfriend happens to be on the trail of a criminal—and Cat is not who he expects to find….