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Books, Bath and Beyond by Jami Kelmenson

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I’ve never been one to read more than one book at the same time. I feel we owe something to the authors to stay focused on their babies—James Patterson aside, they didn’t write two books at the same time, did they?
But, on a far less lofty note, I’m not sure I could keep track of which plot line belongs to what book–which I know does not say much about my self-perceived level of intelligence.

There is one exception and that’s when it comes to reading in the bathtub. There are certain books I only read in the bath. I never take a bath book into my bed with me; nor do I take bed books into the bath. It’s my feeble attempt to ensure I keep the plot lines straight in my head by associating them each with their own sacred venue. You can always tell my bath books by their crumpled pages.

You know the logo for Shelf Pleasure that’s on the top of your screen right now? That’s me. Complete with the headband schmata and glass of wine. Usually it’s after a long hike, when I feel I’ve earned the right to luxuriate for a spell with something, well, bathworthy. Currently, The Singles, by Meredith Goldstein, who writes the “Love Letters” column for the Boston Globe, is what I’m settling in with for a soapy read. The Singles is the story of five people who each attend the same wedding solo and the trials and tribulations that ensue among them. Who can’t relate? Okay, maybe those of you who got married at 22 since you’ve always had a husband to escort you to a wedding. But since I’ve been attending more than a few weddings (and now, Bar Mitzvahs!) on my own and have learned how to like it, I enjoy musing over the stresses of Meredith’s relatable characters.

Next bath book up for me? I’m thinking it will be Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, because every girl needs to read a Nicholas Sparks book every now and again, especially those of us girls who aspire to have our own book turned into a movie someday.

Another thing about bath books–they can’t be on an e-reader, for obvious reasons, which only lends further credence to my one book for the bath, one book for the bed rule. If you’re curious, check back soon for my bed book list (teaser alert: it’s very different than my bath book list!)

Do you read more than one book at a time? Is it hard to keep track? Share with us below!

Jami K

Jami Kelmenson is a freelance writer and blogger living and loving in New York City. She is currently seeking representation for her first novel, Crossing Paths. Read of her ongoing tales of travel, life, love and the pursuit of getting published in NYC at her blog,

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3 thoughts on “Books, Bath and Beyond by Jami Kelmenson

  1. kathy s

    I have a pile of books waiting to be read. New books go to the bottom and I read from the top. I get totally involved in my stories and would also have a difficult time switching back and forth. Actually, I am sad when a book I have really enjoyed ends. One at a time is perfect for me!!


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