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Romance Authors on Romantic Reads

In honor of Valentine’s Day we turned to the experts, and asked several of our favorite romance authors to name their most romantic reads (aside from their own books of course!)

Elizabeth Hoyt

Elizabeth Hoyt, New York Times Bestselling Author most recently of Lord of Darkness:

“I love romance books that sweep me off my feet and leave me with a smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling. One of my favorites is Christina Dodd’s The Runaway Princess, which has a heroine who has told a TINY lie, a hero who is an honest-to-God prince, and a rollicking adventure in an exotic (and fictional) European kingdom when the prince kidnaps the heroine in a mad plan to win back his throne. Pure. Bliss.”

Genella deGrey

Genella deGrey, author of The Trouser Game 

“Confession: I love a good reunion romance. One of my favorites is Kaitlin O’Riley’s,One Sinful Night. There’s no better way to reunite than at a house party where your long-lost love has been invited…which is what happens with Vivianne and Aidan. Adding to the anticipation is that nagging danger of being caught! There are other factors working together to keep our hero and heroine apart, but I’ll let you discover them for yourself. Never tried a romance novel? Go ahead, indulge in a ‘Happily Ever After” ~ your inner romantic will thank you for it!”

Lori Foster

Lori Foster, New York Times Bestselling Author most recently of Run the Risk:

“I have so many favorite books from so many favorite authors – Jill Shalvis, Erin McCarthy, Catherine Mann, Macy Beckett… It’d be impossible to name them all. But if I had to pick one favorite read from *recent* books, it’d be Pushing the Limits, a YA (my first!) by Katie McGarry. The characters are young but smart, wounded but caring, and the entire book touched me deeply, making me sigh and smile, leaving me more convinced than ever of the power of love. If I go back in time a little, well, I can’t think “romantic” without naming Honor’s Splendor, by Julie Garwood. That book, along with Lion’s Lady and The Bride epitomize the very best of romance, of strong heroines and protective heroes and love that conquers all. The stories are like old friends and I still pull them out to reread when I want to lose myself in a really good book.”

Cat Devon

Cat Devon, author of Sleeping with the Entity:

“I have hundreds of romance novels on my keeper shelves so it is always hard to pick out favorites. But some that I consider to be classics would include Coming Up Roses by Catherine Anderson about a woman dealing with the scars left from her dead husband’s cruelty and the rancher next door who saves her daughter even while risking his own life. When Lightning Strikes by Kristin Hannah is about a writer who gets “kidnapped” by a character in her own book. Heaven, Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a wonderful contemporary romance in her Chicago Stars series. Jayne Castle’s paranormal After Dark starts her Harmony series with the unforgettable dust bunny characters as well as steamy romance between the hero and heroine. I would also add that I love Jayne Ann Krentz’s romantic suspense novels and Suzanne Brockmann’s military romance Frisco’s Kid. Because the romance genre is so large and so diverse it was impossible for me to name just one…and even now I can think of many more but I’ll stop myself before the list gets even longer.”

Hanna Martine

Hanna Martine, author of A Taste of Ice:

“I randomly discovered author Harper Fox on a book blog, where the reader was going on about Fox’s Life After Joe. I’d never read gay romance before, though I loved books with romantic gay subplots (J.R. Ward, Ann Aguirre, and Suzanne Brockmann, to name a few). Intrigued, I bought Life After Joe and instantly fell into deep, deep love with Fox’s gorgeous prose and the terrible struggles she puts her men through before they come together forever. For me, it’s not (totally) about the sex, but about the intensely emotional situations she crafts around her couples. I know that when I read Fox, my heart will break a million times as I fall in love with not one, but two, men. I will crave their first kiss and first declaration of love, then probably shed a tear or two when the obstacles rise up, and then I get to witness them being blessed by what we all desire so much: a love that lasts.”

Vicki Lewis Thompson

Vicki Lewis Thompson, New York Times bestselling author most recently of Werewolf in Denver:

“Historical romances are my favorite escape, but when I looked at my bookshelves, I couldn’t pick just one, or even just one author!  They sit like glittering gems, reminding me of what fun I had reading stories by Mary Jo Putney, Sabrina Jeffries, Cathy Maxwell, Madeline Hunter, Elizabeth Hoyt, Tessa Dare, and Julie Anne Long.  Submerging myself in another era, one filled with elegance and secret passions, is pure luxury, especially on Valentine’s Day!

What are your favorite romantic reads? Let us know in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Romance Authors on Romantic Reads

  1. Katie G.

    This is such an abundance of riches. I’m making a list – and all of this reading is going to keep me feeling romantic way past just today!

  2. Maureen A Sacchetti

    I loved reading the posts. Its fun seeing what authors are reading…Looking forward to ” Sleeping With the Entity ” from Cat Devon…I loved Coming Up Roses by Cathrine Anderson too…I wanted to read When Lightning Strikes…but its not on ebook..maybe soon…Love Kristan Hannah…I added some others to my TBR list…Take care..Happy Heart Day..xo, snowhugs

  3. Ms RTL

    The best time to chat about romance on the romance day! My favourites would be My Sunshine by Catherine Anderson, Flowers from the storm by Laura Kinsale (I read that one at least twice a year!), Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (because I want to be Annabel ) and the entire Psy/Changeling series by Nalini Singh which I glom each year, especially nearing the next books release. Looking forward to the debut from Cat Devon, too.

  4. Dottie Swingle

    Karen Robards & Linda Howard come to mind immediastely. Also Christina Dodd. Suzanne Brockman, My fav J D Robb. Elizabeth Thornton(?), Dana Stabenow, Judith McNaught, and for adventure, with just a little romance but lots of excitement Clive Cussler, Dick Francis & one other but sr moment makes me forget his name. I know I’m forgetting someone.

  5. Ginger Robertson

    I have so many books that I love and the authors who wrote them. One of my favorites is “Match Me if You Can” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, loved Annabelle. Kate Angell has a series about The Richmond Rogues that are great reads., Psycho is the man. Recently I’ve read some books by Sophie Oak, Heather Rainier, Maya Banks, Lora Leigh, Christie Craig, Lisa Renee Jones, Lynn Raye Harris, Karen Hawkins, & Julie Ann Walker.
    I have several that are on my tbr list by Lori Foster, Lexi Maxwell, Rachel Gibson and several others.

    1. Marisa

      I read also what I called the J club, Jude Deveraux, Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey, Julia Quinn, a few of Judith McNaugth and added later Dara Joy, and other authors too. but I did see curious that some of the authors a lot of friends read their name begin with J, and I meet Genella deGrey trough a Jude Deveraux B.B.

      You are a wonderful and amazing person and author.


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